Finding Your Ikigai

Finding Your Ikigai

So this book is less about finding your ikigai than about living longer and happier. While a long and happy life was never on my bucket list, I won’t be mad if it ends up being a side effect of my constant soul-searching. I picked it up because I still haven’t found my ikigai, and I needed more guidance than the last book, which was all over the place.

In the picture above, I made myself a hot cocoa because I didn’t have any coffee, and the life lesson here is: NEVER SETTLE. There are no substitutes for what you really want in life.

10 Secrets for Success

Work It - 10 Secrets for Success

Now that we’ve cleared all the nonessentials and anxiety from our lives, it’s time for some motivation and inspiration! If you’re like me, and you had a lot of nonessential in your life, it must be seeming pretty empty now. And if I’m being honest, a little depressing too (like, what have I been doing with my life??). So finding Work It: Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business right after all that decluttering seemed serendipitous. What better way to set the foundation for my life than with proven secrets for success?

How to Read Books Faster

I read really fast. I’m usually reading 3-5 books at a time, and I finish a book about every 2-4 days. (Anything longer than a week usually means I am having a difficult time getting into the book.) So you can say I’m hardly the person who would need a method of reading faster. But when a friend told me of a way to read books faster, I was both skeptical and intrigued.

Almost everyone I know loves audiobooks. But I’m a visual learner, and when I play audiobooks, my mind starts to wander; the audio becomes background noise. People extol the virtues of playing audiobooks or podcasts while doing other things like driving or cleaning, but I find I pay more attention to the task at hand than to the recording.

So, what’s this secret? How does one read books faster?

Recently Read: Reviews

Recently Read: Reviews

I’m really happy with how much reading I’ve been doing this year (well, reading itself makes me happy). There’s too many books for me to dedicate a single post to each; at the rate I’m posting, I’ll have enough content for the next few years! But also, not every book I’ve read has been worthy of a whole post. So I thought I’d try something different and periodically do short reviews of books I’ve recently read.

My Summer Bucket List 2018

Summer Bucket List

I’ve had a bucket list ever since I learned what a bucket list was. More often than not, it would lie dormant; years would go by before I looked at it again. When the due date is DEATH, there really isn’t any urgency to get things checked off my list. So I’ve decided instead to shorten the timeframe, and do a summer bucket list.