What I’m Doing Now

New Year’s Day, 2019

  • I’m working on my MBA, with a focus on social impact and environmental sustainability. I joined the Net Impact club and took a leadership position for the first time (AVP of Finance, planning to run for VP next academic year). I’m also starting to look for jobs or internships.
  • As part of my MBA, I’m going on a business research trip to Buenos Aires in a couple of weeks, and will be hiking to Machu Picchu afterwards. It’s a four-day hiking/camping trip, which I’m equal parts excited and worried about.
  • I’m planning a trip to Korea and Japan for this summer to mark the 10-year anniversary of when we studied abroad in 2009. It’s not going as smoothly as I’d like, especially since the group of us are either strapped for cash or for time.
  • I also applied to study abroad in Copenhagen this summer! It’s perfect because the program starts two days after I plan to fly back from Korea, so instead I can fly straight to Copenhagen if I get accepted into the program!
  • I’m slowly trying to build self-care habits. I’ve never been consistent with exercise, skincare, or my health. Some of the habits I’m working on: meditation, gratitude journaling, drinking 60-70 fl oz of water daily. Other habits I will try to build in the coming months: a skincare regimen, regular exercise (ideally hiking or activities in nature), doing something creative daily.
  • I’m planning to slow down and only read 50 books this year, instead of the 100 I read last year.

Updated February 28, 2019.