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I’m Lily, and I often start sentences with “I read somewhere that…”

Ma quando a Roma... Story of a Lily

Reading at the Fontana di Trevi, in Rome, 2017)

I grew up pretty shy, and the one constant in my life was books. Books held the answers to almost everything (ah, the joys of growing up in a time before Google). When I needed to learn how to budget and invest my money, I picked up a book. When I needed to escape this mundane world and explore another, I picked up a book. When I needed to learn how to talk to people and to break out of my shell, I picked up a book. Books were my security blankets, my stuffed toys, my Saturday morning cartoons – I have not been without a book since I learned how to read (I usually have two or three with me at any given time).

Sometime last year, I realized I was merely acquiring knowledge. A jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. I have vague plans to put into practice the things I learn in my endless readings, be it meditation, or decluttering, or better communication skills, but I rarely work at it long enough to make it a habit. I’m always on to the next topic, the next book. And it made me wonder: how am I going to change my life if I’m always hiding behind another book?

“Confidence is a byproduct of taking action.”  Could this be the answer to my entire childhood?? Is it really that simple? Shall we find out together?

So here it is, my journey to reading with intent, to gaining confidence through doing. I’m still working on it, and plan to make it something worth reading. I hope sharing what I learn will help enrich your life and can inspire you in some way.

Welcome to my story. You’re just in time for the next chapter…