Finding Your Ikigai

Finding Your Ikigai

So this book is less about finding your ikigai than about living longer and happier. While a long and happy life was never on my bucket list, I won’t be mad if it ends up being a side effect of my constant soul-searching. I picked it up because I still haven’t found my ikigai, and I needed more guidance than the last book, which was all over the place.

In the picture above, I made myself a hot cocoa because I didn’t have any coffee, and the life lesson here is: NEVER SETTLE. There are no substitutes for what you really want in life.

Finding My Ikigai

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

I’ve been struggling to find my voice and my niche in blogging. Just earlier this week, I was looking through my Tumblr for a post to send my friend. We were discussing something I wrote about and I didn’t want to rehash the entire story. I was amazed by what I found. If I’m being honest, it’s always been this way. I always think my writing is crap, and then years down the line, when I rediscover old journals or blogs, I’m blown away by my writing. The realization hit me hard: I’m much prouder of my Tumblr than I am of my own website :(.

There’s so much pressure with blogging on your own domain versus using a platform like Tumblr. I got caught up in the SEO and the ads and affiliate links. The views and the engagement and the social media promotion. I was trying too hard to create content for Google than for my audience.

I’m not sure yet what direction my blog is going to take. For sure I’ll be cutting back my posting schedule. Twice a week isn’t always too much, but holding myself to that for the last couple months was very hard. I ended up slapping together mediocre content just to have something to post.

Books are still my one true love, but recently I’ve also been trying to live a less wasteful, more sustainable life. So I’d like to explore that. And baking is one of my loves. It’d be fun to try more recipes and talk about food in books, or just food in general. I also haven’t had a chance to travel much since I started business school, but I’d like to explore travel writing a bit here and there (probably still book-related somehow).

What about you? Have you had better luck finding your ikigai?


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